Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.“
 - Maimonides

I would keep wondering about what to guide my young nephews and nieces whenever they come to me for career guidance.

Obviously, I would not give them a vague suggestion whatever my parents gave me, “First have some graduate degree.” But they were not specific.

I would again go into the never-ending wheel of confusion on which graduation to choose and why?

No parent will ever ask on what is their child’s interests or goals!

Coming to my nephews and nieces, I  gave them a piece of obnoxious advice which they never heard of. This is what I said.

Amey(my niece) “Don’t be serious on graduation; it’s just a namesake. Ultimately, people judge you on what job you are into and what is your worth. So, I suggested her to stress more on building her capability, train herself in any of the areas,".

I was expecting the next rapid fire “Hmm.. uncle, can you suggest me a few good prospectuses”?

“Try Digital Marketing,” I said as it was easier for me as I was into the same domain.

And why not? Digital marketing is one space where there are enormous opportunities for growth. There will be 20 lac jobs being created every year.

From the above infographic from Simplilearn, a growth rate of 40% is good if not great.

And the employers will not depend only on the 4-year graduation profile. They want some specific skills and targeted training. They would weight on live training on Digital Marketing, even though you worked just as an Intern.

The ‘Digital Marketing’ course and certificate fit this bill perfectly. There is no extra useless learning. No need to concentrate on skills that you do not require. And above all, have lots of time to experiment.

The following are the salient feature of a Digital Marketing certification course -

  • Numerous Options - You have an opportunity to select your area of interest such as social media marketing, SEO or others and focus only on this area.
  • Lesser time and cost - Since the certification can be at a maximum of 1 year, you have more skills in lesser time. Since the duration is less, the cost comes down too.
  • Focussed - since the area of expertise is targeted, you can be more focussed on your domain.
  • More practical - You have plenty of practical implementation opportunities. Most of the training institutes take job works which they experiment with the trainees.
  • Flexibility - These courses are majorly online and can be attended from home or any place of your comfort. Thus you save time and money too.

And the most important, these courses are job oriented. Many institutes have tie-ups with good digital marketing companies. So you are closer by an extra mile in securing your dream job.

Every training, be it a university degree or private training, requires dedication and hard work. In no means the results are free!

The advantage of the certification course is its flexibility in attending. These are wonderfully woven around for individuals who are students or working professional who can continue with their up skill training during their free time.

Few of the Digital Marketing Institutes that provide quality training -

  • All India Management Association(AIMA)
  • NIIT Digital Marketing
  • Educart
  • Learning Catalyst
  • EduPristine
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • Accelerated Certificate Program: Digital Marketing & Communications
  • Internet Marketing Certificate
  • Professional Program Certificate in Digital Marketing (Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)

A university degree or a certificate, what matters the most is the amount of skill you build through dedication and hardwork . A diamond is a stone at first , the value enhances with the kind of chiselling or beatings it goes through!.

To help you in your journey we have incorporated  3 different channels on Digital Marketing. Do join us today.

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