To understand social media marketing or SMM, we need to first peek into what is digital marketing.

In a simple sense, SMM is marketing with digital media supported by the Internet .

TV, Newspapers, Radio are non-digital Mediaș whereas Website, social services like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook are digital media.

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media channels like Facebook to improve the branding, reach the designated audience, and increase your shop in-flow through ads.

Unlike non-digital media like newspapers, SMM can be fine-grained targeted for a particular audience.

Analysis of received data is also a major area of viewpoint where business can read the data to a particular goal and improve towards it. For example, a business that needs to improve their awareness in and around their physical location can do so through the paid-ads. The rest of the job is done by the SMM companies.

The major milestones of social media marketing can be -

  • Creation of a platform such as Facebook page, Instagram post, etc.

  • Creation and posting of content through the platforms

  • Engagement of the content

  • Analyzing the data and improvement strategy

  • Paid Ads

Almost 95% of the companies today are investing in SMM and they are bound to continue as this field of marketing is the prime today. As this field gets a boost, so is the opportunity it creates.

You can get more insight into the “Scope of Digital Marketinghere.

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