In the time it took you to r​ead this sentence 20m emails have been sent.” – John Watton​​​​​​

We all would have heard of sales and marketing and also the science behind it.

Most of us who have gone through a simple education would have come across the word marketing too many often. 

But digital marketing? Is it Marketing Digitally? Or marketing dealing with

Digits? What is it actually?

Well, in a simple sense it is the marketing through digital media platforms like, website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Traditional media platforms like TV, newspapers have declined in their reach and effectiveness. The primary reason might be the enormous growth of Internet usage through computers and phones.

As you can see the growth of internet usage is huge and is growing with access to devices like mobile phones and laptops increasing with the backup of cheaper price as a result of competition.

Exponential growth of mobile usage  

The negative impact of this trend is that traditional/conventional marketing has declined considerably. The result is that it has given rise to the whole gamut of opportunities in a new form of marketing suitable for digital platforms like mobile phones, computers, tablets - the Digital Marketing.

The digital marketing age has arrived and the huge opportunities it has created are enormous. We all would have heard of sales and marketing and also the science behind it.

With the active backing of the GOI under the leadership of PMModi,thejobs being created is exponential. As you read, there are around 80 million jobs vacant to be filled. And the budget that companies are spending is also growing.

The average salary for a digital marketing professional is somewhere between 15,000 PM for a fresher to 8,00,000 PM for a chief of Digital Marketing.

You should be able to visualise the growth potential of this field study by now.

So what is the next step?

If you are looking for a job as a fresher or a lateral into Job change,then this is the domain for you.There are numerous educators who are mushrooming in can join any of the institutes and pursue a course suitable for you.

Few of the top Institutes are 

  • NIIT Digital Marketing
  • DSIM(Delhi School of Internet Marketing)
  • Digital Vidya

Some of the tips for selecting the right institute  

  • Read reviews in review sites
  • Check their website and their about page
  • Do a manual checking in the area
  • Talk to ex-students on the promises they deliver
  • If it is a job oriented course- check on the details for any hidden caveats
  • If it is a large institute check the board members
  • The most important check on the faculty and facilities

The most important of the training is the time and travel you can afford.

For students and working professionals, both these aspects are the deciding factor.

Keeping in mind such a population, we at Digital Independent have come with a short time term course where you need to spend just an hour per day.

We can find the details on our home page

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